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NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL – PR3XTRA SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer – #245-PR3-XTRA – ONLY 1 LEFT

$68.49 $54.95

The PR3 Xtra lets SoundFX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder’s firmware for latest updates.

It also acts as a computer interface and LocoNet Translator for your PC.

The PR3 Xtra is the most economical computer Interface we offer, it has all the functionality of a PR2 and a MS100 combined in one.

It functions on the USB 2.0 interface making it easier to connect and more friendly to newer PCs.

PR3 Xtra Features

  • Multifunction USB 2.0 PC connectivity for your railroad
  • Digitrax SoundLoader compatible. Programs Digitrax sound projects in to SFX decoders
  • Programs CVs for most DCC decoders
  • LocoNet MS100 mode with Fully Buffered Input and Output data
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8
  • Runs on Mac OS with JMRI
  • No external power needed for MS100 mode
  • For Stand Alone Programming Mode the included external power supply is required
  • Automatic configuration. No jumpers or switches required. Configurations can be set by software or manually
  • Selectable LocoNet termination. For standalone operation without a Command Station
  • LED status indicator lights
  • Small, convenient package
  • Firmware updates available on this page
  • Meets FCC Class B requirements

Using the PR3 Xtra Programmer and SoundLoader software:

  • You can substitute different .wav files into a sound project file (.spj) or you can start from scratch and build your own sound project.
  • You can download sound projects from the Digitrax Sound Depot web site
  • You can upload sound projects you have created to share with others, too!
  • We encourage sound project file sharing among hobbyists
  • You can download a sound project into your Digitrax SoundFX decoder equipped locomotive
  • You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout

Digitrax PR3 Xtra Programmer comes with:

  • PR3 Xtra
  • Instruction sheet
  • USB Cable
  • PS14 power supply

In addition, you’ll need:

  • A Computer running Windows/Mac OS with SoundLoader or equivalent program running
  • An isolated programming track section
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