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Dual 13x18-04 Speaker Assembly with Enclosure, two 4 ohm speakers in series for 8 ohms, 6" wires - #SP-26x18H10-08ENCW
Peel. Stick. 'n Light 15 pack LEDs - #RIH5111
Peel. Stick. 'n Light 4 Pack LEDs - #RIH5101
13x18H8 Speaker 8 Ohm 1-1.2W, 20Hz - 20kHz with Enclosure - #SP-13x18H8-08ENC
13x18H8 Speaker 4 Ohm 1-1.2W, 20Hz - 20kHz with Enclosure - #SP-13x18H8-04ENC
Six function decoder with 21 pin 'MTC' plug - #524-D16MTC
Direct plug in to locos equipped with 21 pin MTC plug with 8 functions.
Dimensions: 0.900 x 0.615 x .180 inches – 23 x 16 x 4.7 mm
Silent Running with torque compensated motor drive Motor rating .75 Amp continuous, 1.2 Amp stall
All eight function outputs have lighting effects generators
Select from 15 different lighting effects
Support for both EU (logic) and US (full power) functions on outputs 5-8
Full support for LED lighting
Decoder programming lock mechanism SKU:  D16MTC
SwitchPilot 3 Servo, Accessory decoder for 8 servos, DCC/MM, OLED, RETAIL - #397-51832

SwitchPilot 3 servo decoders are optimized for stationary use on your system and can control up to eight RC servo drives. In order to facilitate the rather cumbersome configuration of magnetic article decoders, the SwitchPilot 3 Servo has an innovative operating concept consisting of a 4-line, illuminated OLED display and three input buttons.


The SwitchPilot 3 servo is multi-protocol and can be used with workstations according to the Märklin® Motorola® system (e.g. 6021, Central Station® or Mobile Station®) as well as DCC-enabled central. The configuration can take place on both the main track and the programming track. Thanks to RailCom®, CVs can also be read out.


The SwitchPilot 3 servo can be supplied directly from the digital system or an external DC or AC voltage source. The SwitchPilot 3 servo has eight outputs for the control of RC servo drives. In doing so, it can control these drives so precisely that, in addition to switching switches, any other slow movement sequences can be controlled. The SwitchPilot 3 servo has a built-in power-on pulse suppression to eliminate or reduce the system-related "twitching" of RC servos when applying the supply voltage. Furthermore, the power supply to the servo can be interrupted to prevent a "hum" of some inexpensive servos. Each of the eight servos can be operated either in "digital mode" or in the "proportional mode" introduced for the first time with the SwitchPilot 3 servo: In digital mode, the servo can start two end positions "A" and "B", depending on the switching position on the control panel. The position of the two end positions as well as the speed at which thethe servo moves in the desired direction, can be individually set on the SwitchPilot 3 servo. The digital mode is perfect for switching switches or signals that should always remain in a fixed position. In proportional mode, the servo can move and stop in any position within the end positions "A" and B. The servo only runs as long as the control panel sends a command. If you release the button, the servo stops. In this way, a servo can be stopped in any desired position. The servo speed can be adjusted individually. The proportional mode is ideal for (water) cranes or engine shed gates or any other application, for which intermediate positions are also required. For each servo, in addition to the end positions and the rotational speeds, it can be determined whether it should rock up when reaching the final position. Furthermore, the generation of the servo pulse can be influenced to adapt to the different RC servos on the market or the power supply of each servo can be switched off individually. In this way, cheap so-called so-called Analog servos as well as modern digital servos (with microcontroller) optimally controlled.

Analogue Operation

The SwitchPilot 3 servo can be used as a special feature without a digital control panel: On request, up to 16 buttons can be connected for direct switching of the servos.


The SwitchPilot 3 servo can be flexibly adjusted either on the programming track with DCC control panels or on the main track with POM ("Programming on Main") or can also be read out via RailCom® CVs. On request, he also learns the addresses directly via a programming button. The setting is, of course, the simplest with the integrated OLED displays as well as the three input buttons: All (!) Settings can be checked directly on the decoder and changed on request. "Programming" with the help of your headquarters is not required. It really can't be any easier. The ESU LokProgrammer can be used for firmware updates.


As with our locomotive decoders, the outputs of the SwitchPilot 3 servo are protected against overload. We want you to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

Replaces Item #397-51822
Switch DPDT On-Off-On Toggle - #SW-DPDT-On-Off-On
RATED: 3 amp @ 120 Vac. Threaded bushing. Solder lug terminals. 0.43" long handle. SKU:  MS-12
Input interconnect board for DS74 - #245-DSXC4
  • Input interconnect board for DS74.
  • Provides plug and play connectivity for DS74 inputs.
  • Supplied with ribbon cable to plug into DS74 10 pin Input header.
  • Allows plug-in of up to 4 DSXCP1 fascia controls.
  • Direct ribbon cable plug-in header to BD4N detectors.
  • 8 pin screw terminal plug for optional wire access to 8 input lines.
Fascia mount control panel for SW inputs w/LEDs for the DS74 - #245-DSXCP1
  • Fascia mount Switch control device.
  • Wire to DS74 input cable, or use DSXC4 for plug and play.
  • Two color leds display current Switch state.
  • Supplied with 3 wire control cable.
Quad Switch Stationary Decoder, 4 Turnouts, 8 Inputs - #245-DS74
  • Quad switch decoder for Solenoid or Slow-motion turnouts.
  • Configurable for Capacitive Discharge with balky solenoids.
  • Configurable for on/off control of 8 layout lights.
  • Plug and play wire connectorization.
  • Works with compatible LocoNet Systems.
  • Stabilized and adjustable output voltages.
  • Option setup switches for configuration.
  • On-layout programmability via LocoNet.
  • 8 onboard Routes, with EZ-Route setup.
  • Routes directly editable using latest DT602 IPL.
  • 8 input lines for Switch and Detection inputs.
  • Field firmware update via IPL over LocoNet.
  • DC 2mm jack for reliable power input.
  • Optional DCC track inputs for limited feature capabilities.
1787 WOWKit is a DCC sound total conversion kit - #TCS-WDK-KAT-3 - ONLY 2 IN STOCK!
WOWKits provide everything needed for a complete sound installation. This WOWKit includes:
  1. A WOWSound decoder
  2. TCS motherboard
  3. Keep Alive® device
  4. Speaker with speaker wire and enclosure
Each WOWKit has been engineered for a perfect fit in your locomotive. Even if you are new to DCC or DCC installations, you can achieve Easy, Clean, Professional results using WOWKits. WOWKits make sound installation as simple and all-inclusive as possible. A list of compatible locomotives for this WOWKit can be found in the "Compatibility" tab. The TCS website features step-by-step installation pictures and instructions for each WOWKit. Visit the installation pages and search by locomotive, or follow the link in the "Compatibility" tab! SKU:  1787

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