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What Will It Cost to Have DCC Installed?

DCC Installation Costs since March 2008

Prices shown are in USD$ and apply to most plastic locos.

Brass is an additional $35.00.

What To Do?

Pack your train(s) securely in a box.

Enclose detailed instructions telling us what you want done, i.e. sound, lights, etc.

Ship to:

Litchfield Station; 1412 N. Central Ave., Suite D; Avondale, AZ  85323


ScaleDiesel DCCSoundSteam DCCSound
Z & Nn3$60-$70-
N & HOn3$50$85$60$95
N & HOn3$50$85$60$95
Can I come into the shop for my installs?

Customers can schedule a time to come into the Station and work on their own installations (with Jack’s help).

Installation hours are 8 AM to 8 PM, by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled in advance and space is limited.

The cost for in person installation help is $100.

What's Included?
  • Professional Installation, Programming & Testing
  • Wires, resistors, etc. to use original lights (except for 1.5 volt bulbs)
  • Two functions (lights, etc. per decoder)
  • A warranty on the decoder and installation work – abuse excluded.
What Costs Extra?
  • The Decoder(s) and Speaker(s) and light(s) or LED(s)
  • Loco NOT IN ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS’ box with original packaging
  • Add $10 if you didn’t buy the decoder from Litchfield Station
  • LED conversions — add $5 per light: Golden White, Yellow or Red
  • LED additions — add $10 per light: Golden White, Yellow or Red
  • 1.5 V bulb conversions or additions w voltage regulation — add $10 / light
  • More than 2 active functions — add $5 per extra function plus parts
    i.e.: Ditch Lights are 2 extra functions – a strobe is one
  • Frame modification or replacement — eMail for pricing (frequently $15!)
    Chuff Cam $25 and up plus parts
  • Added power pickup: pricing varies eMail for a quote!
    For example, sound in a box car or added tender pickup.
Some Locos Install Costs May Vary, For Example:
  • Vanderbilt Tender:  + $25
  • Plug-in or light board non-sound decoder install and program:  + $30
  • Atlas N-Scale Shay:  + $ 75
  • Mikado Kato N-scale:  + $100
  • Trix Big Boy HO Scale – sound:  + $110
  • Model Power N-scale steamers:  + $45 —without headlight control
  • Con-Cor N-scale Northern:  + $80 with 2 lights
  • S1 Proto 2000 HO-scale non-sound:  + $60 labor plus decoder and 2 Golden White LEDs
  • Kato NW2 HO-scale non-sound only:  + $60 labor plus decoder and 2 Golden White LEDs
  • Brass locos: pricing varies send eMail for a quote:

Please provide the insurance value of the loco so we can quote adequate insurance!

What About a Warranty?

At Litchfield Station, customer satisfaction is primary. When we install a decoder for you, we warranty our work. You have 30 days to let us know if things are not right. If there is a problem related to DCC, we will make it right.

If the problem is related to the locomotive mechanism or abuse, we reserve the right to charge for time (USD $ 50 per hour) and materials to fix it.

We cannot be responsible for things we cannot control, like shipping damage.

There is a $6.00 shipping charge with the exception of locomotive installs where the charge is applied for actual freight and insurance costs.